We Are A Financial Services Firm – NOT A Charity Organization?

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We are tired of jokers and time wasters trolling the internet with empty pockets looking for free meals.

We can only provide funding for qualified clients only. We do not troll for leads and then shovel them to our partners – instead we are direct providers of the services we provide. This means there is nobody between us and the Prime AAA rated banks that we work with. We provide LOANS (Personal Loan, Business Loan, SME Loan), Bank Guarantees (BG) / Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Letter of Credit (Documentary Letter Of Credit (L/C, DLC). We welcome clients/projects from all countries. We DO NOT discriminate against any nationality, skin color, race or religion. This means that ALL COUNTRIES are welcomed as far as the project or business is viable we will provide the needed loan or funding. Most importantly, we provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our loan interest rate is just 3% per year which is the lowest in the industry. So if you have any viable business or project that needs funding kindly send us an email for more details (funding@manvoeurninvestments.com).

We look at each project independently. Some are appropriate for funding sources that are available, others are not. It’s a judgment call, and we reserve the right to make that call on all ventures.

Many projects are not appropriate, or need to be approached in a different way. We work with our partners to come up with suggestions for improvements in the plans, as well as alternatives that you should consider.

To begin the process, take a look through the pages presented here, and let us know if any of the specific programs described appear appropriate for funding of your projects. We promise to respond within few hours (depending upon travel schedule).​

We are the largest and most reliable providers of loan, international project funding, bank guarantees, sblc, dlc and letters of credit.   
NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS: Brokers are the life blood of our business and as a result we respect them, value them and appreciate them. Our brokers are paid 1% commission for every successful transaction they bring to us.  So if you want to be our broker or company representative kindly contact us via email for more information.
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