BG/SBLC, DLC and performance or payment guarantees for your import and export activities.

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We provide BG/SBLC, DLC and performance or payment guarantees for your import and export activities. The amounts range from USD/EUR 500,000 to USD/EUR 10 Billion. For issuing these instruments, we do not ask you for a collateral, an escrow deposit, or any such money that may affect your cash flow.

Issuing fees for LC, BG or SBLC for trade finance purposes are provided upon request because fees depend upon the amount, duration and banking costs.

Our procedures for issuing trade finance instruments are as follows:

1. Client completes application form (provided on request)

2. WE send the first draft of the LC, BG or SBLC, payment or performance guarantee

3. Client reviews the draft in consultation with the beneficiary (i.e. receiver or seller)

4. Client requests changes or modifications (if any).

5. Client receives revised draft and repeats step 3

6. Client provides us with the following:

• Signed and approved copy of the final draft for issuance

• Client Information Sheet (CIS)

• Passport copy of the authorized signatory of client’s company

• Agreement signed by the authorized signatory

7. Provider receives required issuance fees against a commercial invoice

8. Instrument is issued to the receiving bank per wording as approved by the client

9. Client receives swift copy of the issued instrument.

Should you have the need for trade finance instruments without stressing your cash flow, bank facility or even when your bank becomes uncooperative, let us know and we will start the process immediately.

Any questions? Please send an email. I need you to have total clarity!


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