MT799 (RWA) From BG Owner to Funder

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Man Global investments MT799 RWA BG Owner to Funder Message Text Template. When you want a Bank Guarantee Funded, Monetized, Discounted or to Sell a Bank Guarantee, we request the Bank Guarantee Owners Bank issue this MT799 RWA to the Funder.

Please contact us via email for the draft copy.

Man Global investments Ltd issues Real Bank Guarantees, real and genuine SBLC’s and completes Real Funding without long stories!

Others Talk, but Man Global investments Delivers. If you are tired of brokers and scammers cheating you and telling you stories and no one ever delivering what they promised, maybe its time you became a customer of Man Global investments Ltd.

Man Global investments (MGIL) are genuine and reliable providers of loan, international project funding, Lease bank guarantee providers, buy, lease or rent sblc, dlc and all letters of credit.  Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.

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