What can a BG and SBLC be used for?

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What can a SBLC be used for?

SBLC’s (and BG’s) can be used to enhance your ability to apply for a line of credit with your bank; in other words, it can be used as collateral when your bank is asking for additional comfort when you ask them to fund your project. We can help you acquire an SBLC.

The SBLC’s we deal in are genuinely 100% cash-backed and therefore usable as collateral. Our issuers only use top 25 World Banks – mainly from Europe like HSBC, Deutsche, UBS etc. This guarantees world wide acceptance of your SBLC.

These SBLC’s are generated by “someone” blocking their funds on your behalf, so we speak of a “leased” SBLC. In other words the SBLC is owned by the issuer and you are the beneficiary.

The SBLC is generally issued for 1 year and 1 day, but can easily be extended up to 5 years. (It is possible to get an SBLC for only 6 months). Once issued the SBLC is transferred to your bank via the Swift protocol of MT760.

Of course, Leasing of an SBLC comes at a cost. And to be very honest: at a high cost. Financing your project by using an SBLC is very expensive. First you need to pay money to the issuer of the SBLC plus commission to the consultants facilitating the process, Then you need to give the SBLC to your bank, who are providing a Line of Credit against the SBLC, which may only be up to 90% LTV or less. And usually, your bank will charge a one off fee to ‘monetise’ the instrument and also charge interest on the drawn down loan amount.

To successfully apply for an SBLC you need to be aware of four vital points:
a) You need to have a good project
b) You need to have a bank funding your project based on the supporting collateral of an issued SBLC
c) You need to have the money to pay for the leasing of the SBLC, you may also need to pay brokers if they are involved in the transaction.
d) You need to have a believable and realistic exit strategy to repay the loan and return the SBLC at the end of the term

All the SBLC’s we deal with are callable, assignable, fully transferable and lienable.

If you are thinking of using an SBLC to participate in a High Yield Trade Program, we are more than happy to assist you in acquiring the SBLC and placing it into trade.

However, you need to be very sure you are able to pay the leasing fees of the SBLC before issue, as most providers will not allow the instrument to be taken into a Trade Program unless and until the fee is paid. You cannot pay the lease fee from the program returns.

It is also not possible to use an SBLC to secure a commodity trade and pay for the SBLC out of the profits from the transaction. When paid for and used correctly, these instruments provide numerous lucrative options. we can provide BG’s, SBLC’s and CD’s, which can be blocked or delivered via SWIFT.

Typical projects we have had successful applications for are:

– Construction and Development
– Resorts -Building or Upgrading
– Growing a Company
– Trade Programs

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