Bank Guarantee vs SBLC – Which is Better?

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Bank Guarantees and SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) are both financial instruments but each has a very different financial purpose. Most banks can issue either a Bank Guarantee or an SBLC so we are often asked by clients which one is better?

If your primary purpose is to have your Bank Guarantee or SBLC monetized, discounted or funded so you receive the most amount of cash from the instrument as possible…. Then a BANK GUARANTEE will be BETTER!

The reason is funders who monetize Bank Guarantees and SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) prefer Bank Guarantees and generally pay MORE for Bank Guarantees than they do for SBLCs. LTV (Loan to Value) ratios on Bank Guarantees tend to be higher than SBLCs so if your sole goal is to maximize the monetized return from your financial instrument, request a Bank Guarantee Not an SBLC.

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