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We are providers of loan, project finance, BG, SBLC, DLC

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Dear Potential Partners & Associates,
We are direct providers of Loan, Project Finance, freshly cut Bank
Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), DLC. We give both
secured loans and unsecured loans and our interest rate is 3% per
We are also looking for agents or company representatives, so if you
don’t need loan you can be our agent or company representative. You
will be paid 1% commission on every business you bring to us. For
instance, if you bring a customer to us and the customer receives a 1
Million Dollar loan from us then we will pay you 1% of 1 Million
Dollars which is: 10 000 U.S. dollars.
we recommend our serious customers to send their requirements or inquiries via email for proper attention. So if you are seriously interested in doing business with us please send your requests or inquiry to our official email just send us an email telling us who you are, where you’re writing from and what exactly do you want from us so that we will know how best to help you
For more information kindly contact us with the below contact



Bank Guarantee Provider, SBLC Providers, Lease BG, Rent BG, Lease SBLC, Rent SBLC

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We are project funders with our cutting edge and group capital fund we can finance your signatory projects and help you to enhance your business plan.  Our financial instrument can be used for purchase of good from any manufacturer irrespective of location.  We specialized in Loans and Project Funding, BG, SBLC, MTN, CD,LC, Non collateral loan, no  recourse loan, conformable Bank Draft and other financial assistance from AAA rated bank (Prime Bank). The financial instrument can be invested into High Yield Trading Program or Private Placement Programme (PPP). Please see our instrument description and leasing procedure as follow. genuine Bank Guarantee provider

1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee {BG} / StandBy Letter of Credit {SBLC}
2. Total Face Value: Eur/USD 1M {Minimum} to Eur/USD 50B {Maximum}
3. Issuing Bank: AAA Rated Prime Banks like HSBC, Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank etc.
4. Age: One Year and One Day
5. Leasing Price:  4.0%+2%=6%
6. Delivery: S.W.I.F.T MT-760
7. Payment: MT103 (TT/WT)
8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier Service

We specialize in Bank Guarantee lease and sales, there are two types of bank guarantee which are Direct Bank Guarantee and Indirect Bank Guarantee. Its used as Bid Bond, Payment Guarantees, Letter of Indemnity, Guarantee Securing Credit Line, Advance Payment Guarantees,
Performance Bond Guarantee E.T.C.

Intermediaries, Consultants and Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected with 2% brokers commission paid out at closing.
In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.

All relevant business information will be provided upon request
including the following:
What exactly do you need?
How long do you need it for?
Do you have interest to purchase?
Are you a principal borrower or a broker?
For further inquiries Contact us with below info:

Man Global Investments Ltd (MGIL) are genuine and reliable providers of loan, international project funding, Lease bank guarantee providers, buy, lease or rent sblc, dlc and all letters of credit.  Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Brokers are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our  broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.

what is standby letter of credit?

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A standby letter of credit is a guarantee of payment issued by a bank or a financial institution on behalf of client where the bank or a financial institution promises to pay a “beneficiary” in case of default by the applicant.

Historically, Standby letters of credit were developed because the US regulator legally limited bank or a financial institution US bank’s authority to issue guarantees.

A stand-by letter of credit is a very flexible financial tool, making it a suitable instrument for securing a vast range of payment scenarios.

It is commonly used for international trading as it provides assurance to the seller / exporter that the payment will come through. However, a stand-by letter of credit involves quite a few complexities and therefore, one must consult with an expert if not well acquainted with stand-by letters of credit.
Types of Stand-by Letters of Credit

  1. Performance standby letter of credit
  2. Advance-payment standby letter of credit
  3. Bid-bond or tender-bond standby letter of credit
  4. Counter standby letter of credit
  5. Financial standby letter of credit
  6. Insurance standby letter of credit
  7. Commercial standby letter of credit
  8. Direct-pay standby letter of credit
  9. Man global investments LIMITED Will Help You So its Better You Contact Us For More details

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the leading providers of personal loans,SBLC,BG,DLC

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Man Global Investments Limited (MGIL)  is a leading provider of Personal Loan, Business Loans, SME Loan, Investment Loan, secured loan, unsecured loans and International Project Financing. We provide loan funding for any viable project worldwide and our loan terms are very flexible.

IMPORTANT ADVISE: If your target is to get funding to finance a project or business, I will advise that you apply for loan directly instead of going for BG/SBLC issuance/monetization because loan transactions are very straightforward with quick and successful turnaround while BG/SBLC monetization is very long, very expensive and complicated. A loan funding arrangement can be successfully completed within 7 days but BG/SBLC issuance and monetization takes lots of time and lots of money because there are many parties involved in the transaction.

So if your sole aim of looking for BG/SBLC is to get money/funds its better you apply for loan instead of going through the BG/SBLC monetization route. But if it is import/export transaction then a DLC, BG, SBLC or Letters of credit will be your best bet.

1. We Are a Genuine Finance Company That Is Legally Registered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. since  43 Years of successful service and counting.
2. We are not BROKERS, We Are Direct Providers of Personal Loans, Business Loan, SME Loan, Project Financiers & Providers of BG, DLC, SBLC.
3. BG/SBLC issued from Top 50 World Banks such as HSBC, Citi, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank or any prime bank of choice.
4. We issue BG/SBLC in both USD or Euro Currencies, if you pay in USD we Issue in USD & if you Pay in Euro, we issue in Euro.
5. Solutions for every customer & every industry. No matter your nationality or circumstances, talk to us, we will listen to you.
6. We love and respect everyone. We do not discriminate anyone based on Race, Tribe, Nationality or Religion.
7. Your Privacy is our Priority, we DO NOT share your data or Business Transactions with third parties.
8. No Legal Complaints, Lawsuits or Criminal Convictions against us in any Country till date.
9. New Brokers Are welcomed and earn between 1% to 2% Commission on Every Deal
10. Since 43 till date No Customer has ever had a failed transaction with us.
Therefore, if you are looking for Lease/Rent Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC, L/C or loans and project funding then you have come to the right place. Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.

NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS: Brokers are the life blood of our business and as a result we respect them, value them and appreciate them. So new brokers are welcomed, appreciated and compensated with good commission. Here are a few of the many benefits of being a MING Man Global Investments Limited (MGIL) broker:

Ming Fong Finance Company Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, DLC, Lease BG, Direct SBLC Providers
  • Professional Broker Support
  • Healthy Commissions Paid on every Deal
  • Be Direct to the client, NOT in a Broker Chains!
  • Earn between 1% to 2% Commission on Every Deal
  • Brokers are 100% Protected Against Possible Circumvention.
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments, Bank Guarantee Programs and Client Funding and Monetization Services
  • If you are interested to become our broker or company representative, kindly send us your resume via email for more information.

MT799 (RWA) BG Sahibinden Funder’e

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Man Global yatırımlar MT799 RWA BG Sahibi Finansman Mesaj Yazı Şablonu. Banka Garantisi Finanse Edilen, Para Kazanılmış, İndirimli veya Banka Garantisi Satmak İstediğinizde, Banka Garanti Sahipleri Bankasına bu MT799 RWA’yı Finansçıyı ihbar etmesini rica ederiz.

Taslak kopya için lütfen bizimle e-posta yoluyla iletişime geçin.

Man Global Investments Ltd, Real Bank Guarantees, gerçek ve gerçek SBLC’ler yayınlar ve uzun hikayeler olmadan Real Funding’i tamamlar!

Diğerleri konuşur, ancak MAN GLOBAL YATIRIMLAR sunar. Eğer sizi aldatan ve hikayelerini anlatan broker ve scammerlerden sıkıldıysanız ve hiç kimseye söz verdiklerini sunmadıysanız, belki de onun zamanına Man Global yatırımları Ltd.’nin bir müşterisi oldunuz demektir.
Man Global yatırımlar (MGIL), hakiki ve güvenilir kredi sağlayıcıları, uluslararası proje finansmanı, Kiralama banka garantisi sağlayıcıları, sblc, dlc ve tüm akreditifleri satın almak, kiralamak veya kiralamaktır. Tüm mali ihtiyaçlarınız için bugün bizimle iletişime geçin.
Skype: www.manglobalinvestments
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E-posta: VEYA

Instrumen keuangan bank untuk sewa dan penjualan untuk pendanaan dan perdagangan proyek

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Sayang Mitra Potensial & Associates,

Salah satu bisnis utama kami adalah untuk membuka Bank Garansi dan Standby Letter of
serta Kredit dan Perbankan –Lain Instrumen Keuangan. Kami hasil
Garansi Bank dan Standby Letter of Credit untuk Lease & Sale sementara kami
Acara seperti yang diminta oleh pelanggan, kita dapat membuka Documentary / tangguhan /
Surat Red Clause of Credit dan Garansi (Bank, Bid atau Performance)

Untuk setiap transaksi kita perlu tiga hal
1. Lessor (Pemohon) -Ini adalah perusahaan kami atau badan yang Akan Jadilah
Menerapkan untuk Instrumen Keuangan dengan Issuing Bank pada fasilitas nama yang
Penerima. Pengiriman Keuangan / Instrumen Perbankan `akan
berdasarkan prosedur Pemohon.

2. Lessee (Beneficiary / Client) – ini adalah perusahaan yang dimiliki
meminta Instrumen Keuangan baik untuk mereka gunakan sendiri atau pihak ketiga
yang menerima kirim ke BG / SBLC / DLC / Red Clause LC. Klien / Lessee mengusulkan
Penerima dari Instrumen Bank.

3. Transaksi Underlying – ini adalah transaksi yang ada entre
Lessor (Pemohon) dan Lessee (Beneficiary). Ini adalah alasan untuk
Berdiri membuka Letter of Credit atau Bank Garansi atau Letter of Credit dari
apapun. Transaksi yang mendasari dapat untuk Memperoleh pinjaman atau pendanaan
Bank Monetizers dari emas serta untuk Pembelian dan Penjualan Barang atau
Layanan Tergantung pada jenis instrumen yang diminta.

Jika Anda-memiliki kepentingan di Sewa dan Penjualan ini, silakan menginformasikan
dan kami akan senang untuk berbagi dengan Anda SYARAT PROSEDURAL kami terlihat ke
pengaturan hal-hal dalam gerakan untuk TRANSAKSI yang akan datang. Setelah diterima oleh
pesta Anda untuk bekerja dengan Syarat Lessor, kami akan Punya Kontrak Hukum
di tempat untuk transaksi yang akan mengatur entre les Pemohon dan
Penerima dan pengiriman Instrumen Bank akan di menurut
Bertele-tele dengan (Text) Dipilih oleh Bank Penerima.

Kontrak hukum Dengan mengatur dan proses telah ditetapkan Diikuti
dalam kontrak, Transmisi akhirnya instrumen via Swift
MT199 / MT799 / MT700 / MT760 Akan Akibat berjarak 2 Perbankan Days setelah-
yang Kontrak Kewajiban-telah-selesai.

Dalam addendum, kami aussi menawarkan berbagai-macam produk:
– Standby Letter of Credit
– Jaminan Bank
– Tangguhan / Surat Dokumenter Kredit
– Surat Ayat Red of Credit
– Usance Letter of Credit
– Jaminan Kinerja
– Jaminan Permintaan
– Pesan POF
– Pesan Saran Pre
– Comfort Surat
– Siap Bersedia dan Mampu (ATMR) pesan

Mohon kembali minat Anda adalah in’any pertentangan sehingga kami dapat menyiapkan
Transaksi yang mendasari untuk Terpenuhi sebagai cepat mungkin. saya penuh
Informasi kontak adalah sebagai berikut:

Skype: www.manglobalinvestments
Email: OR