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proof of funds for investments or trading?

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You can have access to amounts between $500,000 to $2 Billion World Wide Funds are in a bank account with your name or company name.

Man Global investments provides Proof of Funds to our clients for credit enhancement purpose. Blocked funds are in an account with the client listed as the funds owner for a pre-determined amount of time.

These can be:

  • Bank Comfort Letters (BCL)
  • Bank statements
  • SWIFT MT799
  • SWIFT MT760
  • SWIFT MT199
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • VOD (1006)
  • Escrow Accounts (with major escrow companies)

It is important to understand that this is not a loan and the money will never move from the account. It is blocked, but free and clear.

You receive Verification of the funds and proof that the funds are yours (for verification purpose only). There are different ways to verify those funds. Some banks or financial institutions let you go to your local bank or branch. Some have a dedicated National 800 number, while others use online services.

The cost for this service varies according to the POF amount, the type of account as well as the length of time needed to show the funds.

We must be satisfied with your capacity to pay the up front fee for providing Proof of Funds (known as the Arrangement Fee). Payment of the Arrangement Fee in the form of a “success fee” is not acceptable.

Any use including:

  • Net worth Requirement
  • Facilitate buy / sell arrangements
  • Show of Down payment to get REO offers accepted
  • Bond Requirement
  • Proof of Liquidity
  • Proof of Collateral
  • Reserved or Blocked funds for investments

Minimum of only 1 month with discounts for multiple months.
Brokers paid for referrals!

Proof of Funds Program Highlights:

  • Accounts available from $100K to $2 billion
  • Money Market funds seasoned for six (6) months
  • No Credit Check or Financial Statements Required
  • Funds in an account under client’s name and signature

  • 30 & 60 day accounts, with discounts provided for renewal terms
  • Standard bank Verification of Deposit provided for all accounts
  • Bank accounts opened and confirmed in writing by bank officers
  • SWIFT MT799/760 confirmation option available in Offshore Banks
  • Brokers paid for referrals

Program Highlights

Proof of Funds Program Highlights:

  • amount available ranging from $500K to 200 + billion.
  • Funds seasoned for up to six (6) months.
  • Rates starting at 2% per month.
  • 30, 60 & 90 day accounts, with discounts provided for renewal terms.
  • You  have access to the paperwork in less than 24 hours after confirmation.
  • Funds in an account under your name and signature.

Types of accounts:

  • Domestic Brokerage Firm:
  • Domestic Banks:
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Prime Western Europe Banks:
  • Domestic Hedge Investment (NON BANK)

Types of confirmation

  • Standard verification of deposit (VOD): the customer faxes over a form to the financial institution. They then look up the account information, and fill out a standard form.
  • Bank-to-bank electronic confirmation.
All accounts require full client disclosure and are opened in strict compliance with the provisions of the International Money Laundering Regulations and the US Patriot Act.
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Provider of Proof of Funds (POF), Blocked Funds Providers

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Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds is an efficient and inexpensive way to achieve your financial goals. The Proof of Funds we arrange for you is a real bank account with actual, verifiable, secured deposits – in your company name – that can be used to enhance your financial position and, where needed, buy you time during a transaction.

Proof of Funds, sometimes referred to as ‘leased funds’, demonstrate that you have legitimate and obtainable funds available to use for a transaction. We can arrange varying levels of Proof of Funds from any prime bank of your choice.

A. Procedure for Proof of Funds via SWIFT MT799

1. Client completes POF Application.
2. The completed and signed POF application is mailed to us via email attachment.

3. The Contract Agreement will then be signed.
4. The customer will transfer the Arrangement Fee into any of our chosen company accounts.
5. The Proof of Funds account is established.
6. A SWIFT MT799 is issued evidencing the funds in the account.B. Procedure for Proof of Funds via Bank to Bank Verification

1. Client completes POF Application.
2. The completed and signed POF application is mailed to us via email attachment.
3. The Contract Agreement will then be signed by both parties.
4. The customer will transfer the Arrangement Fee into any of our chosen company accounts.
5. The Proof of Funds account is established.
6. A Bank Statement is issued evidencing the funds in the account.
7. The account is verified Bank to Bank.

Proof of Funds Can Help

Buy/Sell Transactions.

Private Investment Opportunities.


Precious Metals Transactions.

Oil and Fuel Transactions.

Other Commodity Transactions.

Leverage Funding

Credit Enhancement.

Infrastructure Projects.



Upon meeting our criteria your Proof of Funds facility is assured. And it will be provided in a prompt and professional manner.

Simple and Smooth

Our process is hassle free:

  • No Background Checks.
  • No Credit Report / Credit Scores.
  • No Business Plan / Executive Summary.
  • No ‘jumping through hoops’.

Diversity: We draw on a diverse network of banks.

Discreet: Your privacy is assured.

YOUR SUCCESS: When you need to finance a purchase or a position arises and conventional sources are not the answer, Proof of Funds may be the solution. DL Financial Limited can help you turn an adverse situation into a positive outcome.

But you must be aware of your part in the process:

Too often we see proposed transactions not proceed because the client does not have the capacity to pay the Arrangement Fee. Proof of Funds can leverage you to another level but this first step is not and cannot be free. You cannot successfully close POF or letters of credit transaction with empty pocket.

Properly applied, Proof of Funds is a powerful and cost effective tool.

We proudly work with honest and knowledgeable Brokers.

We will help you get what you need, so kindly email us today for your proof of funds and letters of credit needs including Lease Bank guarantee, SBLC, MTN, DLC etc.