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We Are Providers of Loans, Project Funding, bank guarantee, SBLC & DLC,

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Man Global investments Limited is legally registered in Cambodia with company registration number:  Co.13579 KH/2010 .Our major partners and private investors are Arab and Middle East investors which is why we offer very flexible loan terms; our loan interest rate is 3% per year which is one of the lowest in the industry.

We are also direct providers of bank financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), DLC and Letters of Credit. Our Bank Instruments are issued by top prime banks such as HSBC London or Hong Kong, Barclays bank London, Citi Bank New York, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, UBS Zurich, Switzerland or any bank of your choice.


Loans & International Project Funding
Lease, Rent or Purchase Bank Instruments such as BG, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit (L/C)
Proof of Fund (POF) or Blocked Funds for Investments
Insurance & Escrow Services
Trading Platforms
Show Net Worth Requirements
Corporate Finance
Private Equity
Investment & Wealth ManagementOthers talk, but DL Financial delivers. So its time you became a customer of DL Financial Ltd so you can feel the DL Financial difference.Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.


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NOTICE: Brokers are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.


Loan Borrower’s Procedures,

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Okay this is going to be a very brief and straightforward post. Several times we receive email inquiries from supposed “borrowers and or brokers” trying to dictate a procedure for bank instrument transactions or loan.
More often than not, these so called “borrowers” are nothing more than unscrupulous intermediaries trying to get in the middle of a transaction by listing their “procedure”. I have yet to see a single bank or other reputable financial institution who will even consider looking at a customers “procedures”; that is just a broker’s fantasy. You either follow the lender’s procedures or you get nothing, that is the reality of the financial markets.
If a lender has not set procedures for loans or bank instruments, then most probably they are not a real lender, most probably they are just intermediaries tweeting your ear so you not go away until they find something close to what you as a borrower are looking for.

So if you are really looking for financing, BG or SBLC, instead of wasting time trying to impose your terms/procedure to loan lenders and bank instrument providers, try to see who is real and who is not, and then try to choose from them whatever is more convenient to you. No loan lender or bank instrument provider is going to do your procedure simply because you have been scammed before. Yes we get lost of stories like this: I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BEFORE, SO NOW IT IS GOING TO BE MY TERMS/PROCEDURE ONLY.

 Its sad you have been scammed and we are sorry about it, but hey no bank or genuine provider/lender is going to do your terms and procedures simply because you have been scammed. Ignorance is no excuse. You as the borrower has a need and so you cannot dictate terms. You simply cannot get anything out of a bank by trying to impose your conditions? The golden rule in lending is quite simple “He who has the gold, RULES!”

Man Global Investments  Limited are genuine and reliable providers of loan, international project funders, Lease bank guarantee providers & providers of sblc, dlc and letters of credit.  Others Talk, but  Man Global Investments     Delivers. So its time you became a customer of Man Global Investments Ltd so you can feel the difference.

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Email: simchea@manvoeurninvest
NOTICE: Brokers are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.

Real Genuine Providers of Loan, Project Funding, bank guarantees, DLC & SBLC

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Man Global investments Limited is a registered loan and investments company that undertakes direct loan provision, personal loan, business loan, project financing. We are also direct providers of bank instruments such as bank guarantee (BG), standby letter of credit (buy or rent SBLC), DLC, Letters of credit. Our bank instruments are issued by prime banks like HSBC, Barclays Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered bank or any top AAA rated bank of your choice. We provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our interest rate is 3% per year. Furthermore, we are looking forward to partnering and/or working with agents or company representatives. In the case where you do not have any need for a loan, you can serve as our agent or company representative. You will be entitled to 1% of total value of every business you bring to us. 

If you would like to work or do business with us, kindly get back to us stating your area of interest to guide us on the next step. In anticipation of having a pleasant business relationship with you, please accept the assurances of our esteem regards. 

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Lease bank Instruments (Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, DLC)

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We are direct providers of freshly cut bank instruments like BG (Bank Guarantee), MTN’s (Medium Term Note), SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) & DPLC’s (Direct Pay Letter of Credit) CD’s (Certificate of Deposit),  and just about every other type of financial instruments available through our network.


  • Bank Guarantee (BG) in US$ or Euros
  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) in US$ or Euros
  • Medium Term Notes (MTN’s) in US$ or Euros
  • Treasury Bills (T-Bill) in US$ or Euros
  • Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC, SLC, LC) in US$ or Euros
  • Promissory Notes in US$ or Euros
  • Discounting of Bank Instruments

Our bank instruments can be engaged in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Roads, Bridges, Hospitals, Hotels, Condo, Real Estate and all kind of international business trading including oil/gas business, diesel, Gold Dust, Gold Bars, Rough Diamonds etc.Below is our detailed terms and procedure for BG/SBLC.Description of Instruments:

1. Instrument:             Bank Guarantee (BG) /StandBy Letter of Credit (SBLC)
2. Total Face Value:      Eur/USD 1Million (Min) to Eur/USD 50Billion (Max)
3. Issuing Bank:            Barclays Bank, HSBC, Lloyds Bank London, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsch Bank AG,  Frankfurt  or any AA Rated Bank.
4. Age:                       One Year and  One Day
5. Leasing Price:           4% of Face Value a plus 2% brokers commission (1% for the lessee side and 1% for the lessor side, PLEASE NOTE, THIS BROKERS COMMISSION COMES INTO EFFECT ONLY IF THERE ARE BROKERS INVOLVED IN THE TRANSACTION)
6. Delivery:                  Bank-To-Bank Swift.
7. Payment:                 Wire Transfer
8. Hard Copy:               Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.DL Financial Limited are genuine and reliable providers of loan, international project funders, Lease bank guarantee providers & providers of sblc, dlc and letters of credit.  Others Talk, but DL Financial Delivers. So its time you became a customer of DL Financial Ltd so you can feel the difference.Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.

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NOTICE: Brokers are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.

Financial bank instruments for lease and sale for project funding and trade

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Dear Potential Partners & Associates,
One of our main businesses is to open Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of our Credit as well as other Financial and Banking Instruments. We issueBank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit for Lease & Sale while on occasions as requested by the client, we can open Documentary / Deffered / Red Clause Letters of Credit and Guarantees (Bank, Bid or Performance)

For every transaction we need three things1. Lessor (Applicant) -This is our company or entity that will be applying for the Financial Instrument with the Issuing Bank on behalf the Beneficiary. The delivery of the Financial / Banking Instrument shall be based on the Applicant’s procedures.
2. Lessee (Beneficiary / Client) – This is the company who have requested the Financial Instrument whether for their own use or third party to receiving the BG/SBLC/DLC/Red Clause LC. The Client / Lessee nominates the Beneficiary of the Bank Instrument.

3. Underlying Transaction – This is the transaction that exists between the Lessor (Applicant) and the Lessee (Beneficiary). It is the reason for opening the Stand Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee or Letter of Credit of any kind. The underlying transaction can be for obtaining loans or funding from Banks or Monetizers as well as for the Purchase and Sale of Goods or Services depending on the type of instrument requested.
Should you have an interest in the Lease and Sale of these, kindly inform and we will be glad to share with you our PROCEDURAL TERMS in regards to setting things in motion for an IMPENDING TRANSACTION. Upon the acceptance of your party to work with the Lessor’s Terms, we would have Legal Contract in place for the transaction to be set up between the Applicant and the Beneficiary and the delivery of the Bank Instrument will be in accordance with the Verbiage (Text) chosen by the Beneficiary’s Bank.
With the Legal Contract set up and the proceedings followed as stipulated in the contract, the eventual transmission of the Instrument via Swift MT199 / MT799 / MT700 / MT760 will be effected within 2 Banking Days after the Contractual Obligations have been completed.

In addendum, we also offer a wide range of products:- Standby Letters of Credit- Bank Guarantees- Deferred / Documentary Letters of Credit- Red Clause Letters of Credit- Usance Letters of Credit- Performance Guarantees- Demand Guarantees- POF messages- Pre Advice Message- Comfort Letters- Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages
Kindly revert on your interest in any of these so we can set up an underlying transaction to be fulfilled as quickly as possible. My full contact information is as follow:

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Project Financiers, Project Funders, International Loan Lenders

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Man Global Investments Ltd (MGIL) Welcomes you to the 3nd quarter of 2018, the defacto year of Joint Venture (JV) financing. Institutional financing is not available so developers are looking outside the box to fund their projects. The most common form of favorable financing is JV. This financing comes in more shapes, sizes, and terms than colors of the rainbow. There are, however, a few common things that all JV funders look for, regardless of the project, location or dollar amount. The purpose of this article is to share with you what these commona  denominators are and how you should present your project to get the most favorable terms.

Let’s look at this from your potential funder’s perspective. What does he want? The answer is simple, but arriving at achieving his goals involves a tremendous amount of scrutiny and due diligence on you, the developer. Quite simply, the JV funder wants a return on his investment. You must speak his language. What he wants is a pro forma that shows what his internal rate of return (IRR) is at two and five years. If you cannot prepare one of these, find someone who can. This document or spreadsheet shows vision and the common goal of making money.

Everything else is secondary, but also very important. You need to prepare a package that consists of the following items:

  1. an executive summary of the project that is no more than 5 pages (no funder will read a 120 page business plan before reading an executive summary)
  2. the proforma
  3. bios and resumes of all of the key players, including your contractors
  4. the entire business plan
  5. an appraisal if you have one

Logically, the funder has the money. You have to prove that you have the brains, muscle and integrity to be a great and cooperative partner. Your opportunity is not the only one on his desk, but it will certainly be the most presentable. Sloppy presentations make for sloppy projects.Finally, the worst thing you can do is put pressure on the funder to act or fund immediately. Desperation only indicates weakness and poor plananing.

Mr. Sim Chea (CFO)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Brokers are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our  broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.

Financial Services (Loans, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, Letters of Credit)

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We provide BG/SBLC, DLC and performance or payment guarantees for your import and export activities. The amounts range from USD/EUR 500,000 to USD/EUR 10 Billion. For issuing these instruments, we do not ask you for a collateral, an escrow deposit, or any such money that may affect your cash flow.

Issuing fees for LC, BG or SBLC for trade finance purposes are provided upon request because fees depend upon the amount, duration and banking costs.

Our procedures for issuing trade finance instruments are as follows:


1. Client completes application form (provided on request)

2. WE send the first draft of the LC, BG or SBLC, payment or performance guarantee

3. Client reviews the draft in consultation with the beneficiary (i.e. receiver or seller)

4. Client requests changes or modifications (if any).

5. Client receives revised draft and repeats step 3

6. Client provides us with the following:


• Signed and approved copy of the final draft for issuance

• Client Information Sheet (CIS)

• Passport copy of the authorized signatory of client’s company

• Agreement signed by the authorized signatory


7. Provider receives required issuance fees against a commercial invoice

8. Instrument is issued to the receiving bank per wording as approved by the client

9. Client receives swift copy of the issued instrument.


Should you have the need for trade finance instruments without stressing your cash flow, bank facility or even when your bank becomes uncooperative, let us know and we will start the process immediately.

Man Global Investments Ltd issues Real Bank Guarantees, real and genuine SBLC’s and completes Real Funding without long stories!

Others Talk, but Man Global Investments Delivers. If you are tired of brokers and scammers cheating you and telling you stories and no one ever delivering what they promised,  its time you became a customer of Man Global Investments Ltd because we succeed where others have failed.

NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS: Brokers are the life blood of our business and as a result we respect them, value them and appreciate them. Our brokers are paid 1% commission for every successful transaction they bring to us.  So if you want to be our broker or company representative kindly contact us via email for more information.

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Banku Garantees, Standby Letter of Credit, Personal Loan, Business Loan, SME Loan, Fund My Project

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Man Global Investment Ltd is a leading financial services provider that is headquartered in Cambodia to provide personal loan, business loan, SME loan, investment loan, project financing, bank guarantees, SBLCs, letters of credit and funding for all kinds of viable projects locally and internationally.
All our Bank Instruments come from Top Prime AAA rated banks such as Citibank New York, HSBC Hong Kong or London, Barclays bank London, Standard Chartered Bank London/Dubai/Hong Kong, UBS Switzerland, Welsfargo, Bank of America, Deusche Bank etc. We can help you to obtain financing for your business or projects, activate credit line, Issue & provide Letters of credit, BG or SBLC for you, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments.
sewa bank garansi, penyedia bank garansi asli, surat atas penyedia kredit, sewa SBLC, Standby Letter of Credit penyedia, penyedia SBLC atas, sewa penyedia SBLC bg, HSBC bank garansi
    Loans: (Personal Loans, Business Loans, Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans, International Project Financing etc)
    Purchase Bank Instruments (Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit)
    Lease Bank Instruments (BG, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit)
    Letters of Credit (DLC, L/C, Usance LC)
    Investments and Wealth Management
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Real Genuine Providers of Loan, Project Funding, bank guarantees, DLC & SBLC

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What you need to know about Monetizing Bank Instruments

One thing I have noticed about this niche of finance is that common sense does not prevail. Allow me to be even more frank. Most people don’t know what they are doing.

Yeah you heard me right.

Most people, brokers included, have absolutely no clue what it takes to be successful in Monetizing Bank Instruments.

Many brokers think that if they have an instrument, then someone who is involved in monetizing bank instruments will automatically give them several million in cash and it’s all over. In reality however, the truth is much different.

People who purchased a Bank Guarantee, a Standby Letter of Credit, or other bank instrument are often shocked to learn that their newly purchased instrument was never designed to be monetized and is therefore worthless for their intended purposes.

Bank Guarantees can be worded specifically for monetization, i.e. to secure credit lines. Not all Bank Guarantees are intended for monetization so it is important to understand what you paying for and what you are getting to ensure that it will work for your intended purpose.

If you don’t have a bank instrument, we suggest acquiring your BG from us, this means that the monetizing process will be easier, smoother and faster since we provided the instrument through our prime banks.

The truth of the matter is that having the money to buy an instrument doesn’t mean that your project will get funded or that your bank instrument can or will be monetized. Of the limited providers who work with Monetizing Bank Instruments, it is very possible that none of them will be interested in monetizing your Bank Guarantee.

What you need to know…

First things first. You should know who will be monetizing your instrument before you purchase it. You should also understand that not all BG’s or SBLC’s are the same.

Pay attention to where the BG is coming from. Is it from Europe, Africa or Asia? The jurisdictions and legal ramifications are not the same and you should know and understand the differences. This will also affect the instrument’s cost and acceptability to third parties.

Read the language and text of your SWIFT MT-760, Bank Guarantee or SBLC carefully. Pay attention to every word and have it reviewed by professionals and the beneficiary prior to paying for anything. Verify if the bank instrument is intended for monetization and find a supplier who will monetize it in advance.

we recommend our serious customers to send their requirements or inquiries via email for proper attention. So if you are seriously interested in doing business with us please send your requests or inquiry to our official email just send us an email telling us who you are, where you’re writing from and what exactly do you want from us so that we will know how best to help you
For more information kindly contact us with the below contact
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We are DIRECT providers of Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit, MTN, Usance LC etc.
Description of Instruments:1. Instrument:              Bank Guarantee (BG) /StandBy Letter of Credit (SBLC)
2. Total Face Value:      Eur/USD 1Million (Min) to Eur/USD 5Billion (Max)
3. Issuing Bank:            Barclays Bank London, HSBC Bank London, Lloyds TSB, Deutsch Bank AG,  Frankfurt  or any AA Rated Bank.
4. Age:                        One Year and  One Day
5. Leasing Price:           4% of Face Value plus 2% brokers commission (only if there is a broker involved in the transaction)
6. Delivery:                   Bank-To-Bank Swift.
7. Payment:                  Wire Transfer
8. Hard Copy:                Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

1. Both parties (Lessor and Lessee) execute, sign and initiate the Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract.

2. Within 1 day after Both parties sign the Agreement, Lessor will issue a Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking to the Lessee guarantying to refund Lessee all the cost incurred by lessee for the bank transmission charges (For swift MT760 BG/SBLC or Pre-advice MT799 or both as the case may be) after due execution of the contract.

3. Within 3 working days after Lessee receives Lessor’s signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking, Lessee will make payment by wire transfer into the Lessor’s bank  account for the bank transmission charges for the BG/SBLC MT760 swift transmission or Pre-advice MT799 swift transmission or both.

4. Within Three (3) banking days after confirmation of receipt of payment of the bank transmission charges for the BG/SBLC MT760 swift in Lessor’s bank account, the Lessor will deliver the BG/SBLC via bank confirmation of swift BG/SBLC MT760 to the Lessee’s banker including the hard copy of the BG/SBLC via bank bonded courier in
Seven (7) banking days.

5. Lessee pays Lessor the leasing fee and the brokers their commission fees not later than 21 banking days after the BG/SBLC hard copy is received and confirmed at lessee’s bank. Should Lessee default to pay the leasing fees to the Lessor and the brokers commission fees as agreed after 21 banking days of confirmation of BG/SBLC MT760 in lessee’s bank account, Lessor will instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the BG/SBLC thereby forcing the Lessee’s bankers to return the BG/SBLC MT760 to the issuing Bank.

6. Any unauthorized calls or communication to bank (s) by any party or their representatives  transaction is highly prohibited and can result to contract termination.
7. The bank transmission fee depends on the face value of the BG. Tell us the face value of your required BG / SBLC and we will tell you the cost.
For more information please contact us by email…
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